Plant a TREE

Today, a tree for future generation

Feed the TREE

Take care of your tree friend.

Feel the TREE

Enjoy the profit of your investment

What is Back2Green Challenge?

A great challenge to plant a tree with your buddies. Simply, you can cultivate a plant anywhere and challenge your 5 friends or relations over the world to plant a tree. Your 5 friends have to plant and continue the challenge for another five. This chained challenge will linked the world to Go Green

This programme mainly focuses the crowd in social media and spread the challenge over the world. Your photographs of planting and challenging personnel can be shared in Back2Green Challenge Group..

Why Back2Green?

Life time effort of Wildreach Team is to conserve the natural environment including all flora, fauna and bio diversity for future. Back to Green Challenge is another interesting effort to motivate people over the world for flora conservation.

Human and all species survive on this earth as trees are releasing oxygen.Without trees there is no ecosystem to provide habitat and food for species. Global warming and pollution are the burning environment issue of the world today. For the safe of world and as a solution for different types of environment issues planting trees and reforestation is the best solution.

Global temp. change!

Proper Plants

Native or endemic plants to region

Planting any endemic flora species adds a value to the region or the country

Threatened or Rare Species

This conservation method help to preserve threaten flora and rare species.

Trees, that Provide Habitats

Making a natural environment for species and enhance habitat preferences.

Trees that provide Shade, Timber or Flower

Plant a tree that provides more economical benefits and make your life easy.

Herbal Plants

A remedy for medicinal requirements which takes from natural environment.

Foods Produsing Plants

It fulfils the food necessity for future generation with fruits, vegetables etc

Past Events


25th Dec, 2016


26th Nov, 2016

National Zoo

01st Oct, 2016


16th Oct, 2016


7th May, 2016


8th May, 2016


22nd May, 2016


03rd Jun, 2016


17th Jul, 2016


17th Jul, 2016


30th Jul, 2016


17th Aug, 2016

You can Contribute and Donate us in different ways

Planting trees, stop cutting trees and deforestation

Sharing information and awareness raising

Provide plants and seeds for the project

Provide space for plantation for the project

Donations for buying plants and transportation

Donations and facilitate for awareness raising


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